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So tonight it was announced that the country is in lockdown! We've pretty much been that way since I shut my business, due to the pandemic and my little girl finished school but now it's official! Its a difficult time but we have had a lovely first day of homeschooling and we are 100% trying to find all the positives and make the most of what is a scary, surreal time. I tried to put a 'plan' together for today- nothing too rigid but an idea of when we might do certain activities and I made a not of any live activities that I though my 3 and 5 year old may be interested in. The plan went out of the window before 8am. My daughter loves school and she was excited to have loads of activities to do and did all the work I had planned before she had even changed out of her pajamas! Great for now, but I wonder when the novelty will wear off and we'll run out of stuff to do...

So with that in mind I have been trawling the internet and many facebook groups to find as many resources as I can. I have included ones for homeschooling and ones for fun. This list is nowhere near finished and I will continue to add to it daily. One thing that has amazed me out of this situation is just how much people have pulled together- there are so many good things going on on the internet for children to keep them entertained and so many people creating resources and activities that take the children away from teachnology and into the garden or encourage creativity (I'm halfway through another blog about isolation activities to do at home so that will be up later this week!) and may of what I have found I have linked. For many small businesses online classes is the only way for them to protect their business as they move forward through what is an incredibly difficult time so please keep showing them your support :)

I hope you find this list useful

Stay Safe xxx


Homeschooling activities


Free activity packs for primary children



www.phonicsplaycomics.co.uk     username: march20   password: home    to access for resources while homeschooling.


Free ebooks made available for children of all ages:



Twinkl- free lockdown resources for primary children



Boredom Busting Resources



BBC live lessons for primary children- loads of videos covering loads of topics!



Mathletics has a free 2 days trial but if you get lucky and see their facebook advert- you may be able to get hold of a 30 day free trial- no credit card details needed.



Some great free educational printable colourings on this facebook page- addition, subtract and word matching. My daughter loved the maths colourings!


This is amazing! I haven’t shown my two yet but I know they will love it! We were planning a zoo trip for my daughter as she had wanted to go for her birthday but obviously this will be delayed for a while so we will use these video livestreams as an alternative. Here you can access video footage from zoos and aquariums all around the world!



And similar for museums around the world! Virtual tours can be found here:



Steve Backshall will be teaching all about the wild world from your sofa with a facebook live on Wed 25th!



Outdoor activities to help you take learning out into the garden- I can’t wait to use the scavenger hunt!



Hoo farm will be bringing us some animal talk videos twice a week with a pop quiz! First one is this Tuesday (24th):



Facebook lives and youtube activities


Drama Tots UK are doing a live sing along each morning at 10am. My little boy took part in the dinosaur stomp-a-long and absolutely loved it! Perfect for those up to the age of 6 (and probably older too!)



Ballet dance online classes throughout the week for pre-schoolers, 5-7 year olds and adults with the ballet coach.



Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is offering PE lessons for children and adults at 9am each weekday morning on his youtube channel! My advice- Dress for the occasion! Don’t wear jeans like I did thinking it would be easy because it’s for children. We lasted 15 minutes before my daughter decided she was too tired and I was trying to do squats whilst holding a 3 year old- but it was so much fun and we laughed a lot!



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