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Your little one’s first birthday is incredibly special! I didn’t realise how much so until I had my little girl. It’s fair to say her first year seemed to pass by in a blink and I remember feeling really overwhelmed and emotional the evening before her first birthday. I wanted time to slow down. But, of course, that’s not possible so instead we have to embrace every milestone, feel every emotion and enjoy every minute of our little ones. What better way to celebrate your babies first year than with photography that will provide memories for many, many years to come!

First birthday sessions at Victoria J Photography have 2 different options. To keep it simple- with themes and cake or without!


The Cake Smash Session


Who doesn’t love cake!? These sessions are huge amounts of fun! You provide the theme and I will sort the set up, cake and outfit to match it. All of this is included in the package price. We start with a mini portrait session where we capture timeless images of them, normally on a neutral backdrop in an outfit you bring from home.


Once we have some beautiful portrait shots, we get the birthday baby into their cake smash outfit, quickly change over the set up and introduce the cake. I always aim to get a few images of it whilst it’s untouched and then it’s all down to your little one. Surprisingly, babies don’t see cake and instantly dive right in! Some will, but most of the time it take a little while for them to warm to the idea. I’ll never rush you through your session, however, so your little one can take as long as they need!

Warning- parents, you may end up slightly covered in cake too, especially is your little one is crawling or walking! Pre-Covid lockdown I would be the one running around after your little one, however, for the foreseeable future, in order to limit contact, I’ll be getting you involved too!


Once the cake has been smashed we’ll get your baby cleaned off in the tub. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking a cake covered baby home! Of course, if the cake hasn’t been completely destroyed your welcome to take it home. The bath splash section of the session is the part I find babies love the most! We are usually able to capture lots of smiles at this point and the studio usually ends up covered in water!

Want to know more? Session information as well as prices and packages can be found here.


The Portrait Shoot


Of course, not everyone wants the cake as part of their session so I also offer the option of a simple birthday session. These aren’t themed as such but I will work to your chosen colour scheme and include balloons as part of the session if you want them. For these sessions, we work through one or two different set ups and outfits.

We will start on a neutral backdrop with a simple outfit (either one of mine or one you have from home) to get some timeless portraits of your baby. Then we’ll bring in the balloons, have an outfit change and capture some birthday images. I love the simplicity of these sessions!



Of course, family images can be included in this session also.

Want to know more? Session information as well as prices and packages can be found here.


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