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I’ve said it many times- I really do have the best job in the world. Baby cuddles and creating beautiful images for parents who will treasure them for a lifetime! It’s hardly surprising that so many people want to do this as their career!


But did you know that newborn photography is also a completely unregulated industry? We don’t have a pass any fancy exams, we don’t have to complete so many hours of training before we can start and safety is set by our own standards. In fact anyone could set up as a newborn photographer tomorrow and start charging for photoshoots. It is completely up to the photographer to ensure that their training is up to date, that they are handling and posing babies safely and that they are fully insured to do so.


Anyone who has had a shoot with me will know how passionate I am about the training I have had. I have trained with some of the best and have a few more on the bucket list to train with. I have trained in person with some amazing photographers- in baby safety and compositing images, in safe posing, in lighting and in business. I’ve purchased no end of online courses and I simply love learning and improving. I never attempt poses I haven’t had training for and throughout my sessions, the safety of my littlest clients is paramount! I am also a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Network who promote safety in newborn posing.


I felt it was important to share some of the behind the scenes images from my sessions. Most of the time I only share the final image but sometimes a lot more has gone into an image than you may initially realise. For some poses, I use Mum or Dad’s hands to help support the newborn, multiple images are taken and then these are later composited in photoshop to create one final image. This ensures baby is safe at all times!


In both these poses baby is completely safe throughout. They are settled, they are comfortable and the studio is always nice and warm for them.


I aim to make my newborn sessions as relaxing as possible for parents- it is a rare opportunity for you to sit back and relax so soon after the birth of your little one. I want all my clients to feel confident that their little one is in safe hands throughout the session.


With so many newborn photographers out there it is important that you ask the right questions when you are looking around for the right one for you. Make sure that they are fully insured and that they are trained in newborn posing and safety.

You can find out more about my newborn sessions here.


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